ALTI C² Command and Control Station

AvioX Autopilot

Flying advanced long range unmanned aircraft requires an advanced control and command system. The ALTI C² command and control station was designed and built from the ground up by ALTI, specifically for ALTI aircraft. The ALTI C² features two large HD displays, long range data, video and control links, a pilot controller along with the highest quality components, networking, active cooling and integrated computer technology, all wrapped in a rugged Pelican AIR flight case. 

ALTI C² Key Features

Advanced Design

The ALTI C² is designed and manufactured in-house by ALTI, specifically for our aircraft. Large HD displays, integrated storage, build-in antenna connectors, the ALTI GCS is an all-in-one command and control station.

Compact & Rugged

Lightweight carbon composite and aluminium materials, industrial grade components sealed in the world’s best travel case, the ALTI C² is compact, easy to transport and even easier to deploy.

Reliable Power

With two power sources the ALTI C² allows for reliable, continuous operation in the field. Hot swappable battery packs along with AC power, that switches over instantly in the event of a power cut. 

Long Range

The standard ALTI C² features a 2.4Ghz data & video link which offers up to 10km range and up to 250km range with our optional advanced Antenna Tracking systems.


Extended Range Systems

10 Km
ALTI C² + 
50 Km
ALTI C² Advanced
150 Km
ALTI C² Datasheet
ALTI C² + Datasheet
ALTI C² Advanced Datasheet

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