Delair UX11Ag

the Smartest Plant Mapping Drone

150 Ha

(370 ac)
@8 cm GSD


cellular connectivity


GSD down

to 5cm


as you go


The Delair UX11 Ag: high productivity and easiness of use with no compromise on the data quality - for professional ag insights.


The Delair UX11 Ag is a plant mapping drone capable of onboard data processing and with wireless and 3G/4G communications. Thanks to its PPK-as-you-go feature it is possible to precisely overlay maps for temporal analysis and on the route planning and guidance for on the ground agricultural machines.

Now you can collect plant aerial intelligence more accurately and efficiently and reach a new level of productivity.

Easy workflow
from field to office
Data quality reporting
PPK as you go
BVLOS-ready dual communications system
Birdlike takeoff and landing
Micasense camera
Fully integrated MicaSense RedEdge-MX Camera
  • Real-time camera to Ground Control Station link for on-the-fly quality control

  • Control camera settings and quality during flight

  • 8 cm GSD at 400 ft (122 m) flight height, down to 5 cm GSD

Embedded system with
onboard processor
  • Advanced quality checks on the fly

  • Deep learning

  • More to come!

Aircraft Specifications

Communication Range


Operating Conditions

Delair UX11 Ag

Professional small UAV

Map beyond the visible with ease

*Actual results of the Delair UX11 Ag, the professional mapping drone, may vary depending on UAV configuration, battery age and condition, and operational, environmental and climate conditions.
Specifications subject to change without notice to improve reliability, function or design or otherwise.
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