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uAvionix AV-30-C STC Now Available to EASA Aircraft

Bigfork, Montana – March 17, 2021 – uAvionix today announced it has received an EASA Supplemental Type Certificate (STC) for its AV-30-C Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) for over 330 aircraft models available in Europe. With the STC approval, uAvionix will begin shipping product immediately to customers who have placed pre-orders either directly with uAvionix or through our trusted reseller network.

Extensive Approved Model List

Designated for installation as a primary attitude indicator or directional gyro in piston single and twin aircraft weighing less than 6000 lbs, the STC provides authorization to install AV-30-C on aircraft listed on the extensive EASA Approved Model List (AML), containing over 330 aircraft models from Cessna, Piper, Beechcraft, American Champion, Maule, Mooney, Daher, Textron, and others. The full AML is available here.

Multiply the Benefits with tailBeaconX Control

When paired with the tailBeaconX ADS-B OUT Mode S transponder all-in-one solution, transponder control is right at your fingertips within the AV-30-C. Additionally, the certified GPS position source integrated into the tailBeaconX can be used as your slaved true-heading source for DG and GPS HSI indicator displays. tailBeaconX STC is expected in Q2 2021.

Cutting-Edge Technology Without the Cutting

Requiring no panel modifications, the AV-30-C fits within a standard 3 1/8” round hole, blending seamlessly into your panel. As a primary instrument, the AV-30-C can be configured as either an Attitude Indicator (AI) or a Directional Gyro (DG) indicator. When installed as a non-required instrument (not replacing the existing approved AI or DG), the functional mode of the AV-30-C can be toggled between AI and DG, serving as a great backup instrument.

Compact, All-In-One EFIS for any Panel Style

AV-30-C fully self-contained with dual-precision inertial and pressure sensors and allows for a wide variety of pilot customization. When configured as an AI, primarily attitude and slip are always displayed. The unused portions of the display can be customized by the pilot to show a variety of textual and graphical data-overlay fields. When configured as a DG, direction of flight information is presented. The flight direction can be configured to be presented as non-slaved heading or inertially stabilized GPS track when connected to an external GPS source, including the integral TSO-C145e GPS contained within the tailBeaconX. Multiple display presentations, including compass rose, GPS HSI, and GPS Arc views can be selected by the pilot. The unused portions of the display area can similarly be configured for a variety of textual data-overlays.

In both operating modes, the pilot may select from multiple visual styles which are intended to improve visual compatibility with legacy aircraft instrumentation and preserve the look-and-feel of older aircraft applications. An internal, rechargeable LiPo battery allows for operation for up to 2 hours in the event of aircraft power loss.

Probeless Angle of Attack (AoA)

Unique to any compact EFIS, the AV-30-C includes an exclusive probeless AoA system in any STC’d product. This system, first introduced in the AV-20-S Multi-Function Display (MFD), provides both visual and audio warnings as you approach a stall, without requiring external probe installations.

About uAvionix Corporation

uAvionix was founded in 2015 with the mission of bringing safety solutions to the unmanned aviation industry in order to aid in the integration of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) into the National Airspace System (NAS). A fundamental principle of that mission is to provide solutions that allow all airspace users a common situational awareness of the airspace. Through the evolution of our company, we pioneered and now offer low SWaP TSO certified and uncertified ADS-B and GPS solutions for General Aviation (GA), Airport Surface Vehicles and the UAS markets. Based in Bigfork, MT and Leesburg, VA, uAvionix consists of an unparalleled engineering and management team with a unique combination of experience within avionics, surveillance, airport services, UAS aircraft development, radio frequency (RF), and semiconductor industries. The entire leadership team consists of pilots of fixed wing, rotary wing, and UAS aircraft. uAvionix is backed by investors at Playground Global and Airbus Ventures.

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