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375 MW Solar PV thermal inspection

Post commissioning accelerated generation improvements

Once the plant is charged, site teams are involved in several parallel tasks to stabalize the generation which takes 2-3 months of manual efforts especially for ultra MW capacity plants. With the synergy of AirProbe solution, our client was able to streamline various activities more efficiecntly and ensure DC side stabalization with 3% of generation improvements within 20 days of performance evaluation of the asset just after commissioning.


300 MW Solar PV thermal inspection

EPC to O&M handover

Understanding the quality of the plant after installation is referenced through a Performance Guarantee test. However, considering real case studies, our clients have recorded performance degradation after few months of operation once the asset is exposed to extreme climatic conditions.


200 MW Solar PV thermal inspection

Technical due dilligence

Conventional methods of due dilligence and understanding the quality of an asset especially PV modules being the largest investment involve sampling methods which fail to provide 100%  performance perspective. AirProbe solutions has collaborated with renowned consultants worldwide, auditors and performance evaluation specialists with a digital platform to provide end to end analysis of large scale PV assets.


87.5 MW Solar PV thermal inspection

Handover from EPC to O&M - Thin Film technology

Minor cracks in thin film modules tend to cause ground faults which are very difficult to locate and is a nightmare for PG test. AirProbe's aerial thermography process helped the EPC pinpoint these issues in record time and have a smooth PG test.


10 MW Solar PV thermal inspection

O&M stage - Poly c-Si technology

AirProbe was contacted to optimise the generation after 5 years of operation of the site. AirProbe's team helped locate diode issues, module hotspots, broken modules and connector issues. The process also helped identify mismatch in tilts of trackers and the team consulted best O&M practices to maintain the site.


4 MW Solar PV thermal inspection

Commissioning stage- Poly c-Si technology

AirProbe brings in new methodology for aerial thermography to accelerate quality checks for project teams to pin point module, string and structure problems immediately after commissioning.  The AirProbe process helped speed up the commissioning process significantly.


500 KW Solar PV thermal inspection

Industry rooftop - Poly c-Si technology

Industrial rooftop mounted solar PV systems are exposed to a variety of external factors such as dust and soot released from chimneys that settle over modules and could generate hotspots. Long time operation of such hotspot cells could lead to degradation of metallic joints and could result in safety hazards due to back sheet burns. AirProbe helped the developer in preventive maintenance to address these issues.


375 KW Solar PV thermal inspection

Industry rooftop - Poly c-Si technology

The majority of the rooftop installations are difficult to access and performing module level quality check becomes challenging at the site. AirProbe thermal inspections can scan the entire site and detect generation issues within 15 minutes. Aerial thermography is the most economical first level inspection, generating insights about the next steps.

Do you manage large solar PV assets?

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