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AV-Link is the Wi-Fi module companion to the AV-30 panel display. AV-30 packs a generous feature-set in a surprisingly small form-factor, but with our background, we never settle for anything less than nearly impossible.

AV-Link expands AV-30’s feature-bursting heritage and adds Wi-Fi connectivity to support live traffic from a supported ADS-B receiver, wireless firmware updates, and more with future features already in development.


  • Display Live ADS-B Traffic on AV-30-E with a supported ADS-B Receiver, such as ForeFlight Sentry and Sentry MiniechoUATSkyEchoskySensor, or any standard GDL90 Wi-Fi protocol portable ADS-B receiver with GPS

  • Wirelessly update AV-30-E firmware from a computer via Wi-Fi

  • New exciting features coming soon that further connect your panel and avionics

* AV-Link requires an AV-30-E.


Live Traffic on AV-30

Plug-in AV-Link to your AV-30 serial port, connect the AV-Link to your ADS-B receiver via Wi-Fi, and that’s it.


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