Autonomous Drone-in-a-Box Solution

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SSASS  has entered into strategic reseller agreements with a select group of leading global technology companies in their respective industries and has compiled a formidable portfolio of key technology components and SERVICES that enable a broad range of SOLUTIONS.


SSASS  is uniquely positioned to sell complete turnkey SOLUTIONS, separate components or deliver turnkey SOLUTIONS  as a SERVICE.

Fundamental to any SOLUTION  is information, and information is effectively processed data. Data needs to be captured using the appropriate data acquisition technology, or otherwise termed as a SENSOR or camera. Depending on the SENSOR  type and flight mission parameters, the relevant AIRCRAFT serves as the transport capability of the SENSOR. Once the data has been captured, the related SOFTWARE  application will process the data to produce meaningful information. To ensure a successful delivery of the SOLUTION, professional SERVICES  provide the key component 





Aerial Survey & Mapping
Aerial LiDAR Surveys
Airspace Integration
Building Inspections
BVLOS Systems
Cockpit Display Systems
Counter UAS Systems
Crop Spraying
Geophysics Surveys
Infrastructure Inspections
Key Asset Management
Mobile Based Operations
Multispectral Survey & Mapping
Qualified Installations
Security & Surveillance

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