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Fits in Your Panel

Cutting-Edge Technology Without the Cutting

AV-20-S fits in your existing 2” panel slot seamlessly. By mounting from behind, eliminating the need for cutting or replacing your panel.


AV-20-S Multi-Function Display

Complement Your Panel with a Certified 12-In-One Display

Transform your panel without sacrificing simplicity. AV-20-S is FAA APPROVED


12-In-1 Functionality

Customizable Display

AoA Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
G-Meter Display (Voice Alerting & Peaks)
Attitude (Roll / Pitch)
Slip / Skid Indication (NEW!)
Clock (GMT / Local)
Outside Air Temperature (C / F)
Bus Voltage Display
Dual User Timers (Count Up / Down)
Engine Run Timer
Flight Timer
Density Altitude Display
True Airspeed Display (Kts / Mph)
Audio Alerts (AoA, G, Roll Limits)

Sunlight Readable Display

Goodbye Glare

With a matte display, AV-20-S is visible in direct sunlight and automatically adjusts brightness to ambient light.

Audio Alerts

Eyes on the Sky

Fly focused and aware with customizable audio alerts. AV-20-S’ many display configurations offer several audio triggers to alert you of critical flight information


Probeless Angle of Attack

Avoid Stalls

The AV-20-S alerts you visually and aurally if you approach a dangerous AoA. AoA is calculated by comparing the aircraft’s pitch, flight path, and G-loading.


More than a Mandate

The AV-20 has been upgraded to include transponder control functionality! The tailBeaconX combined with the AV-20 or AV-30 multiplies your cockpit functionality while future-proofing your ADS-B system to meet current and inevitable mandates worldwide.

Transponder Redefined

Mode S ADS-B OUT Transponder

Mode S + ADS-B OUT Transponder meets airspace requirements worldwide.

Integrated Certified GPS Receiver

tailBeaconX includes a certified SBAS GPS receiver and antenna. No additional GPS is required.

ADS-B from Space

The tailBeaconX with integrated dipole antenna is specifically designed to maximize performance when tracked by space-based ADS-B satellite constellations.

LED Lighting

The integrated 20,000 hour rated LED position light ensures the tailBeaconX draws less power than your old incandescent bulb.


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