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Inspection Data You Can Pinpoint On A Blueprint.

Visualize, localize, and document your inspection data so your team and clients can use it to make critical decisions.


Inspector 3.0 Software

Visual Inspections Are Even More Powerful When You Can Match the Data with Where It Belongs

Don’t let disorganized data dictate the success of your asset maintenance operations.




Discover How Inspector 3.0 Will Change How You Look At Your Data—in Just One Minute

Make Sense Of Your Elios Drones' Data In An Actionable Way


An inspection takes place during and after you fly your drone. Our video player lets you review your asset frame by frame and bookmark what’s of interest.

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Your inspection data is mapped into a sparse 3D model of your asset so you’ll always know where your points of interest belong.


Points of interest can be documented, classified, measured, adjusted, overlaid with thermal data, and all of this can be easily packed into a report.


We understand that the value of visual inspection lies in the data and, like you, we want each inspection to be insightful.


“Inspector 3.0 and its data localization feature really helps me get everybody on the same page. You get the data necessary to get the job done!”

– Simon Kumm, InspecDrone GmbH –​​

Start Making Sense of Your Data Today

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1. Register

Click the “TRY FOR FREE” button below and register for a 30-day free trial of Inspector 3.0 Premium. To complete the registration process you will need to provide your Hardware ID.

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2. Download

You will get an email with instructions to download and install Inspector 3.0. Your drone will be registered for premium features. You might have to upgrade your drone's firmware.

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3. Enjoy

Follow our video that shows how to process your first flight and start looking at your data like you never have before. You can also use our sample data to discover the premium features.

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