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It’s in There – Mode S ADS-B Transponder with Integrated Aviation GPS

ping200XR combines the technology of the TSO certified ping200X transponder with an internal TSO certified aviation GPS. Enabling airspace access, regulator, and Air Navigation Service Provider (ANSP) acceptance worldwide, ping200XR enables your aircraft to be detected by Secondary Surveillance Radar (SSR), Traffic Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS), and ADS-B IN receivers.


Efficiently Powerful

ping200XR maintains its iconic ultra-small form-factor and mission to bring aviation-grade avionics to UAS. ping200XR meets the unique size, weight, and power challenges Class 1 and 2 sUAS face by only weighing an incredible 52-grams. ping200XR even manages to outperform bulkier transponders while drawing only 1.5 Watts.

Integrated Aviation SBAS GPS

ping200XR includes the uAvionix truFYX SBAS GPS receiver meeting the performance requirements of RTCA DO-229D and TSO-C145e, meeting the requirements of global controlled airspace. The Source Integrity Level (SIL) 3 GPS guarantees visibility to certified avionics in other aircraft and Air Traffic Control.


Autopilot Control or Payload Operation

The ping200XR can be integrated with your autopilot for dynamic control from your ground control station (GCS) or carried as a payload with the uAvionix mini-controller for easy set and forget functionality. Power on, set your squawk, and fly!

The serial control protocol is based on industry standards offering broad autopilot support, with physical protocol converters coming soon for broader adaptation.

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