Range Extender

The accessory that goes the extra mile

Overcome Obstacles

Deploy the Range Extender easily everywhere and keep control of Elios beyond obstacles.

Ease of Use

Bring peace of mind and comfort to all your operations.

How it works

By placing the remote control antennas in a better location, closer to the drone, it is possible to extend the range of the drone.


In environments such as underground galleries, stacks or mines, signal propagation can be limited by the geometry of the place to inspect and remotely operating a robot becomes difficult.






Many areas of underground mines are simply too hazardous for someone to venture. As such workers are requested to stay outside of these areas.
By deploying the Range Extender inside these areas prior to a flight, an Elios pilot will gain some precious meters that make impossible missions possible.


In many cases, the immediate surroundings of a rescue scene can be dangerous for the rescuers. Keeping a certain distance from it is, very often, necessary.
By deploying the Range Extender from the pilot base inside the research area, the Elios pilot will increase the quality of the signal between the ground control station and the drone and, consequently, increase the range of the drone.

Technical Specifications

Operating Temperature: 
Temperature: 0 °C to 40 °C
  • Compatible with Elios batteries
  • Built out of 4 replaceable submodules (power module, antenna module, 2m cable, and 20m cable).

  • 1 x 2m cable between the remote controller and the power module.

  • 1 x 20m cable between the power module and the antenna module.

Antenna Module

Dust and splash resistant

  • Integrated antennas.

  • Standard fixation thread.

  • Reflective stickers.

  • Easy to extract.

Power Module
  • Informs the user about the remaining level of battery.

  • Warning when low battery.

  • Slot with strap for battery.

  • Buckle to attach the system to surrounding environment.

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