Mission-Critical Transponders for UAVs

MX Series

The world's most advanced Mode 5 and ADS-B In/Out Transponders

Sagetech’s next-gen MX Series of miniature transponders delivers everything you need for tomorrow’s programs - ADS-B In and Out, IFF Mode 5, and other advanced features for continuous, reliable UAV visibility and communication.

These transponders serve as essential UAV equipment on any program and are currently in the final stages of DoD AIMS and FAA certifications. Pre-certified units are available now.

Select from military and civil versions, and fly safer with Sagetech.

The World’s Smallest Mode 5 IFF Transponders

At 170 grams, you won’t find a smaller, lighter, or more certified unit for your UAV or UAS. Up to 92% smaller than any other Mode 5 transponder.

Cuts no corners

Full output power over temp - no droops. Reliably visible ADS-B Out and up to 400 ADS-B In targets tracked. Full function, period.

The Only Transponder Compliant with the New AIMS Mk XIIB

Select the certification level you need, including DoD AIMS (pending). All modules are designed to FAA MOPS civil standards.


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MXS Series
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MX12B Series

Additional Technical Information

UAV Transponders - Essential Technical C

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