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Electronic Conspicuity

SkyEcho is a portable ADS-B IN/OUT transceiver consistent with the UK CAA and Australian CASA Electronic Conspicuity standards. SkyEcho enables you to SEE and BE SEEN by transmitting your aircraft position, altitude, course, and speed to surrounding aircraft, and receiving ADS-B and FLARM data for display in your Electronic Flight Bag.


ADS-B IN/OUT with FLARM Capability

SkyEcho includes a dual-band ADS-B receiver to receive position reports from other ADS-B equipped aircraft. In the UK and Europe, users can enable a FLARM receiver for display of FLARM equipped aircraft as well. Use your favorite EFB application, including ForeFlight Mobile, SkyDemon, EasyVFR, AirMate, OzRunways, AvPlan, and Sky-Map.


Live Traffic on AV-30

Plug-in AV-Link to your AV-30 serial port, connect the AV-Link to your ADS-B receiver via Wi-Fi, and that’s it.


See and be Seen

UK CAA CAP 1391 and Australia CASA Civil Aviation Order 20.18 Amendment allows light aircraft, gliders, and balloons to see and be seen by other aircraft without equipping with a traditional transponder.


Portable ADS-B

SkyEcho is a portable ADS-B receive and transmit solution. With 20W transmit power, your 1090MHz ADS-B signal can be received up to 40NM away. Transmit functionality can be enabled or disabled depending on your flight location. The ADS-B receiver capability includes both 1090MHz and 978MHz UAT. Portable ADS-B transmit capability is currently only approved for use in the United Kingdom and Australia.

*Approval for South Africa is pending.

FLARM Reception Capability

Receive FLARM in the UK/EU* natively with SkyEcho. When selected by the user, the UAT radio in SkyEcho can be used as a FLARM receiver. FLARM traffic data is transmitted to participating EFB applications for display of FLARM traffic. SkyEcho will translate the FLARM data onto your compatible EFB along with the ADS-B traffic.

*FLARM functionality not applicable to Australia and South Africa.


Aviation Certified GPS

SkyEcho includes a TSO-C199 GPS transmitting a Source Integrity Level (SIL) value of 1. SIL values of one (1) enable certified avionics, TCAS, and ATC to process and display your aircraft position. Aircraft using uncertified sources transmitting SIL of zero (0) are typically discarded and not displayed by the avionics or ATC displays. The high-integrity, SBAS GPS with Fault Detection and Exclusion (FDE) also provides position data to the EFB application and correlates your position with received traffic for viewing on supported displays.


Integrated Altimeter

SkyEcho includes an integrated baro altimeter. The altimeter correlates cabin pressure altitude to altitudes of nearby traffic to give you more accurate relative altitude alerts.


No Clutter Cockpit

The integrated SkyEcho battery removes cords and clutter from the cockpit and has enough capacity for up to 12 hours of flight time with the transmit function enabled.

Connect wirelessly to SkyEcho and receive live traffic on your GDL90 compatible EFB or EFIS for up to 4 devices simultaneously.

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