WipFrag™ allows instant PSD analysis of digital images collected at the muckpile after a blast, a closer up sample of a stockpile, a laboratory sample or even drone/UAV images. With auto-scaling capabilities, WipFrag™ is safe, cost effective and the most accurate fragmentation analysis tool in the world.

BlastCast™ blast forecast module, included in the software, helps predict fragmentation when used in conjunction with WipFrag particle size data. The software also controls fifth-generation WipWare Photoanalysis Systems monitoring conveyor belts or moving vehicles, providing continuous real-time particle size data to your portable device 24/7. Our particle analysis software is proven in the mining, forestry and aggregate industries.

The software is available in hardware or software key versions for Windows tablets and desktop computers or you can download the app for your iOS or Android device from the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Fragmentation Analysis

Analyze your fragmentation with the particle sizing software that started it all! Optimize blast performance and put fragmentation at your fingertips from your Windows computer, tablet, Android or iOS device.

Download the demo and experience the most cost-effective fragmentation analysis solution available today.

1. Open photograph and set the scale

2. Generate the net and adjust edge parameters as necessary

3. Output the results

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WipFrag Benefits


High Accuracy

Decrease Re-Handling


Instant Results

Reduce Dilution

Detect Irregularities

Improve Safety

Lessen Waste

Establish Quality Control

Increase Throughput

Improve Fragmentation

Characterize Geology

Lower Maintenance

Objective Quantification

Download the 40-page Sampling and Analysis Guide which contains everything you need to know to capture good photographs for fragmentation analysis including tips on camera handling, lighting, sampling techniques and how to interpret particle size data.


Mobile App Version

WipFrag 3 is available for download now from the Apple App Store for your iPad or iPhone or Google Play for your Android device.

Windows Software License

The software key version of WipFrag that can be installed on a single Windows computer or tablet.

Windows Hardware License

A hardware key version of WipFrag that can be installed on multiple Windows computers and tablets using a USB license key.



App Version


Software License


Hardware License

GeoTiff Support

Open orthomosaic images with embedded location information

Auto Scale

Snap pictures without a physical scale

Network License Sharing

Computers on the same network run WipFrag (1 concurrent)

Digital Delivery

No shipment required

Large UAV Image Support

Open UAV/Orthomosaic images up to 16Mpx


Display merged heatmap information

GPS Metadata

Open images with embedded GPS information

iCloud Drive Support

Allow WipFrag data to sync to iCloud Drive

WipWare System Interface

Remotely view and configure WipWare Automated Systems


Enter blast info and display fragmentation predictions

Irregularity Detection

Detect irregular material based on colour

Case Studies

Blast Fragmentation with pix4d and wipfr

Orthomosaics were used for determining the accuracy of borehole collar locations and measuring actual burdens and spacing for drilling applications. It was also imported into WipFrag (fragmentation analysis software) to determine size distribution of pile surfaces.

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