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Say goodbye to timely and costly internal inspection methods. Zenith performs fully automated inspections, allowing you to spend more time where it matters. Let Zenith do the inspecting for you and enter the new age of inspection technology.

Automate Inspections with Zenith

Automated inspection devices like Zenith are becoming the foundation of sustainable and repeatable inspections.  This next evolution of the robotics industry will focus on features like “going back” to defects and calculating their rate of growth over time.  Look at how these features have already been incorporated to Zenith by clicking on the links below.

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High Definition Video and Photo

30x Optical Zoom with 4K video recording and 18MP still photos comes standard on our primary payload. Capture & measure a defect down to 0.8mm in size, all clearly shown by our 10,000 Lumen LED that is brighter than car headlights.  

Battery Power that Lasts

High-capacity lithium ion batteries are built to last through the entire inspection. Zenith Batteries operate for 2+ hours of system runtime and most inspections can be done in less than 1hr.

Track Defects & Save Money

Compare the growth rate of defects with extreme accuracy and better refine your maintenance and repair budgets. Each inspection software is included with both products, whether you rent or buy. 

Inspector First Quality

Zenith is designed with the inspector in mind. Zenith contains many safety features and ergonomic design that provides the inspector with the best experience from start to finish.


Vertical Spaces Conquered

Reach 150 meters of vertical space with Zenith


360° Viewing thanks to
specialized gimbal & CoaxDrive


Only 1 Inspector required thanks
to all-in-one controller operation

Zenith's Advantages to UAVs

Zenith boasts many customer friendly advantages over competing UAVs. With no complex in-person training needed, the Zenith is operable by anybody, no certification required. It is fully capable to be used as a one-man job for inspections.

2 Hours of Battery Run Time

The weight of Zenith is fully supported by the cable coming off the Tripod, allowing for much longer battery run time. Inspections can be fully completed without the need to continually swap out batteries.


Meters from Winch to Controller

The winch acts as a signal repeater allowing the operator to be up to 900m away from the Tripod while operating the Zenith. 

Never Break the Plane for
Confined Space Entry

Thanks to Zenith’s extension arms and modular Winch, the system should never require the operator to break the plane for confined space entry. 

Attachment Capabilities

Zenith’s bottom shell is adaptable to attach a variety of secondary payloads such as Survey Grade Lidar, Thermal and Radiation sensors, etc.


Degrees of Live Heading Data

Thanks to Zenith’s extension arms and modular Winch, the system should never require the operator to break the plane for confined space entry. 


Gauge .84mm Cable

Zenith uses the same wireless technology from the Legacy One enabling it to hang from a razor-thin cable, rather than a traditional bulky tether to operate the system.


Multiple Configurations

Zenith can be configured to meet even the hardest to reach assets

Watch theZenith in action

Zenith's Advantages to UAVs

  • HD Live Video Feed
  • User Friendly Experience
  • Built into rugged Pelican case
  • Rechargeable

The Zenith Controller was designed with the inspector in mind. Many key features are built into this part of the Zenith’s system to ensure a safe and smooth inspection, with no prior training or certifications necessary to operate. The controller is designed with low profile buttons and sliders for use while wearing work gloves.

Full Zenith Control
  • Rotate Zenith 360°

  • Pan Gimbal straight up and down 180°

  • Full Camera Control Photo/Video/Zoom

  • Turn on LED light

Simple Winch Controls
  • Live Depth Indication

  • Speed – Low to High

  • Indication lights for Winch connection

  • Set upper & lower auto thresholds
Multiple Live Viewing Screens
  • HD Large Viewing Screen built into top half of controller

  • Pair a second video receiver to TV, tablet, or projector

  • A safe option for additional viewers at a distance away


The Patent Pending CoaxDrive System is at the heart of Zenith’s strengths. What makes this more than a box with a beautiful gimbal?
The CoaxDrive System gives Zenith precise heading control left and right.
By counter-rotating the custom paddles, it enables the Zenith to hold
its heading regardless of air flow or cable unwind. 


Zenith Gimbal

Smaller drones require small “cell phone” sized cameras to save weight. With far less weight restrictions for Zenith, it has the ability to carry a wide variety of payloads, starting with the advanced camera inside the gimbal’s protective housing.

30x Optical Zoom

Bring the smallest defects into full frame real time​

18Mp Photos

Capture still photos with the push of a button

4K Video Recording

Capture a full asset with the highest resolution video

10,000 Lumen LED

Light up the darkest spaces with a light brighter than car headlights

Photo Measurement Software

Finding defects is one thing, but measuring their size and tracking their growth is another. 

360° Viewing Coverage

The operator can pan the gimbal 180° straight up, to straight down, while rotating Zenith


Building Façade Inspections
Coal Silo Inspections
Elevator Shaft Inspections
Tank Car Inspections

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