Capture detailed thermal imagery using the Zenmuse XT S. Its high thermal sensitivity and resolution enable users across industries such as firefighting, search and rescue, security & surveillance and infrastructure inspection to see beyond their vision and make critical decisions quickly based on accurate insights.




Sensitivity (NETD)



Frame Rate



Pixel Pitch



Ingress Protection Rating

Professional Thermal Imaging Solution

The weather-resistant Zenmuse XT S is your new go-to tool for capturing high-definition thermal imagery in both JPEG (640×512) and R-JPEG (640×512).

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Spot Meter

Tap a point to get a real-time reading of the surface temperature, so you can closely monitor the site or any equipment.

Area Measurement

Select an area to view the lowest, highest, and average temperatures.

Accurate Temperature Measurement

Temp Alarm

Receive instant notifications in DJI Pilot when object temperatures exceed your preset alert values.

ISO Therms

Visualize a specific band of temperatures to find what’s important. Choose from different modes, including Search People, Search Fire or Custom, to identify the target subject quickly and accurately.

Digital Zoom

Capture details from a safe distance with the 2x and 4x digital zoom while maintaining situational overview.

Gain Modes

Adjust gain modes to change the temperature range captured: High Gain Mode covers a smaller temperature range but is more sensitive to temperature differences; Low Gain Mode covers a wider temperature range.

Colour Palettes

Adjust the colours applied to the thermal data based on the needs of specific scenarios.

R-JPEG Images

Images captured by the XT S are in the R-JPEG format with embedded temperature information. By importing these images into DJI Thermal Analysis Tool, you can measure temperature, and adjust parameters such as Emissivity, and Reflected Temp.

Purpose-built Application

DJI Pilot

DJI Pilot is a robust flight control app, and has been developed specifically for enterprise-users to unleash the power of their DJI drones. With development made specifically for the XT S, you can enjoy an optimized flight and aerial imaging process.



Gain situational awareness and locate hotspots or people, giving firefighters the necessary insights to identify risks and take the next step.

Powerline Inspection

Features such as Temperature Measurement help pinpoint problem areas along the powerline, enabling timely responses.

Search & Rescue

Quickly locate the missing person and conduct timely rescues in conditions with low visibility such as in heavy fog or at night.

Solar Panel Inspection

Quickly identify hotspots in solar farms by setting up Isotherms and Temp Alarms.

Security and Surveillance

Compatible Aircraft

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