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Your Future Team Member Is Here

Solving Operational Challenges From Above


Field Proven

Operating with the largest mining, oil & gas and energy companies in over 10 countries.


Intuitive Interface

The world’s most intelligent industrial autonomous drone is user-friendly and simple to integrate into your operations.



We go beyond data capture with our AI-powered technology for actionable insights.


Autonomous Drone-in-a-box


Scheduled & On-Demand

Designed with industrial and enterprise needs in mind, our solution operates autonomously based on scheduled missions or on-demand


Built for Extreme Environments

Percepto Solution operates day and night in extreme conditions making it ideal for organizations looking to gain better situational awareness and become proactive in addressing risks and operational needs.


Cloud Management Platform

Manage mission planning and real-time monitoring simultaneously from around the world with the intuitive Percepto software interface.


Provides Actionable Insights

Powered by computer vision and AI, the solution provides valuable aerial visual insights to help you optimize your security and business operations, while reducing risks and operational costs.


What it does

The Sparrow autonomous drone deploys from its base station to perform on-demand or prescheduled missions, automating critical data collection and analysis processes and providing real-time visibility of site conditions.

  • Enhanced Security
    Security teams benefit from additional patrols done by the drone without the need for a pilot. These patrols leverage cutting-edge analytics to detect or track humans and cars both for supervision and intruder detection.
  • Increased Safety & Risk Detection
    Percepto’s autonomous drones increase safety and reduce risk with routine inspection of hard to reach locations, including those in proximity to Hazmat storage–such as gas pipes and tanks.
  • Optimized Operations & Maintenance
    Operations and Maintenance teams gain comprehensive 24/7 visibility of their site and automatic alerts of faults and temperature changes in critical infrastructure. Early fault detection allows for optimized maintenance cycles and rapid response to conduct preventive maintenance.
  • Streamlined Compliance
    Compliance and regulation teams can expand their set of internal validation tools with routine audit flights–ensuring various site aspects are meeting regulatory and corporate standards.

Enel Case Study

To learn more about how a global energy leader is safely and securely increasing production and reducing costs, download the case study.

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