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Long Range High Endurance

VTOL Unmanned Aircraft Systems

SSASS is an innovative technology and consulting company with a focus on offering clients complete turnkey solutions.


SSASS  has entered into strategic reseller agreements with a select group of leading global technology companies in their respective industries and has compiled a formidable portfolio of key technology components that enable a broad range of SOLUTIONS.

SENSORS are the key components of any solution. They provide the specialsed capability of acquiring various types of critical data, including photogrammetry, thermal, surveillance and multispectral data.

AIRCRAFT provide the aerial carrying capability. The SSASS portfolio of unmanned aircraft includes industrial grade multirotors, professional mapping drones, long range high endurance VTOL fixed-winged aircraft, heavy lift unmanned helicopters and a fully autonomous drone-in-a-box solution.


SOFTWARE converts data into valuable and actionable information. SSASS  is Africa's leading supplier of Pix4D software, the world's most advanced photogrammetry processing software application. Aerial data plays an important part in any digitization strategy. While capturing data is easier than ever with UAVs, the real challenge enterprises face is harnessing all of this data so that it is consumable, shareable, and actionable. Delair Aerial Intelligence provides a solution to rapidly and repeatedly analyze comprehensive imagery. For large scale solar PV plants, AirProbe analyses thermal data to provide the highest accuracy over reported module fault classification following IEC guidelines. 


SERVICES ensure the continued support of the entire portfolio through specialsed training, technical support, extended warranties and repairs & maintenance. SSASS also provides turnkey operational services, which include aerial data acquisition, data processing and information delivery.






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