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Crane Camera Solution for Construction

2D and 3D as-built data delivered every day automatically

with no site intervention needed


Revolutionize the way you verify the progress of your site


Automated mapping

Rely on our trouble-free solution to capture and process site images automatically without human resources or interference with site operations.


Daily as-built surveys

Rely on our trouble-free solution to capture and process site images automatically without human resources or interference with site operations.


Measurable data

Rely on our trouble-free solution to capture and process site images automatically without human resources or interference with site operations.



Pushing the limits of construction monitoring

Download this free ebook to learn about the challenges the construction industry is facing, how the Crane Camera solution is being used to overcome them, as well as real-world use cases.

Customer reviews


“The biggest benefit of the Crane Camera is that it is a fully autonomous solution. It doesn’t require any human interaction, other than to consume the information. It’s really helpful, especially for people like us that have a lot of things on our plates.”

— Grant Hagen, VDC Manager, The Beck Group

How does the Crane Camera solution work?


Connected camera system mounted on crane jibs

Installed easily and powered by the crane.

Weatherproofed, designed to resist crane vibrations.

Integrating a professional photogrammetric camera, mini-computer and GPS/IMU navigation sensors for remote control.


Daily automated workflow

Automatic image capture during normal crane operations. No human intervention, no site disruption. Collection time and frequency set up remotely.

Automatic image transfer to Pix4Dbim Cloud via a 4G connection.

Automatic image processing on Pix4Dbim Cloud.


Online results with built-in measurement tools

Daily planned or on-demand 2D and 3D deliverables.

Outputs available on the Pix4D Cloud platform to be visualized in a timeline, measured, annotated and compared with CAD drawings.

Sharing and download options for seamless integration with CAD or BIM software.

The Crane Camera delivers the outputs you need

Original high-res images

Raw images are stored and referenced to the 3D model, and can be used for inspection

Export formats:

Software integrations:
All documentation applications that store and analyze images


2D Map

Georeferenced and scaled 2D orthophotos in high resolution, ideal for site visualization, planning and measurements

Export formats:
.tiff, .kml, .html

Software integrations:
All software applications that work with 2D drawings for project documentation


3D Point cloud

Densified 3D point clouds to get the most accurate 3D representation of your site

Export formats:
.las, .laz, .xyz, .ply

Software integrations:
All applications which utilize point clouds for design and construction verification

3D Mesh models

Highly visual 3D textured mesh perfect for communication and client updates

Export formats:
.obj, .ply, .dxf, .fbx, .pdf, .osgb, .slpk

Software integrations:

All surveying and earthworks applications, for both the design and construction phase

On demand webinars

Pix4D Crane Camera solution - a fully autonomous alternative to drones in construction


Europe use case: VolkerWessels


North America use case: The Beck Group

Read customer use cases


Paving the way with automated as-built reports

Barnhill Contracting Company needed a way to daily monitor concrete work and get complete as-built reports of all the structural components. They found the solution in Pix4D's Crane Camera.


Crane Camera: maximizing space in a constricted area

Planning and monitoring construction projects in tight urban areas is a challenge. That’s why The Beck Group relies on the Crane Camera.


Collect and verify as-built data automatically

Pix4D’s Crane Camera allowed one team to get as-built data automatically on a day-to-day basis, without allocating more resources or impacting budget.

Learn more


Explore a Crane Camera demo project


Crane Camera FAQ



The online platform for drone mapping, progress tracking, and site documentation

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