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Introducing the most advanced inspection drone in the world - the Elios 3

19 May 2022 - Lausanne, Switzerland, Flyability launched their latest inspection drone, the Elios 3, the most advanced inspection drone available on the global market.

Digitizing the inaccessible

Quickly turn asset data into digital insights, with Elios 3 - the first mapping and inspection indoor drone, offering an unmatched combination of intelligence, versatility and stability.


Get ready for a new era of internal inspection and mapping

Drone-based inspection is not a technology of the future, it is a necessity for today’s digital fast-paced world. With the 4th industrial revolution in motion, organizations are looking to deliver digital transformation of their industrial processes, while cutting costs and bettering workers’ environments.

Elios 3 helps industrials effortlessly achieve these goals by bringing their inspections and mappings to the next level.

Much more than a flying camera

Elios 3 is a powerful data-harvesting tool. Relying on the power of computer vision and LiDAR mapping, Elios 3 is a versatile indoor drone opening doors to a world where performing systematic inspections does not require months of training, reporting is done intuitively on a 3D model of your asset, and situational awareness is built into the piloting app.

FlyAware™ SLAM Engine

​SLAM-Based Stabilization

​3D Live Map

3D Reporting

​3D Surveying Solution

Modular Payload Bay


Rugged Design

Close-Up Inspection Dedicated Payload



FlyAware™ SLAM Engine

Powered by FlyAware™.

FlyAware™ is the unique combination of computer vision, LiDAR technology, and a powerful NVidia graphic engine. Acting as a centimeter-accurate indoor GPS, it builds real-time 3D maps enabling the drone to sense its surroundings instantaneously. Today, Flyaware™ allows for groundbreaking stability and highly accurate locational awareness. Tomorrow, it is the promise of complex confined spaces inspections performed in full autonomy.

SLAM-Based Stabilization

Stone-still stability. No matter the conditions.

The all-new SLAM-based stabilization algorithm catches the tiniest unpredictable movements of the drone and instructs the flight controller to compensate for it. This allows for the drone to float in the air still as a stone even in the toughest conditions. With Elios 3, pilots from all skill levels will succeed at performing complex missions with close to no training.

3D Live Map

Flawless locational awareness

The embedded LiDAR constantly scans the surroundings to build a high-density point cloud map. This map is displayed instantly in the Cockpit App, empowering pilots with exceptional locational awareness. A real-time 3D view of the drone’s trajectory and environment provides crucial data.

3D Reporting

Understand where to focus your maintenance efforts

From data capture to decision making, Inspector 4.0 and Elios 3 work hand in hand to provide operational continuity, boosting your efficiency through every step of the inspection process.

Collision-Resilient Rugged Design

Ready for the tough work.

Designed after Flyabilty’s patent-pending collision-resilient flight controller, Elios 3 is fit for use in the most complex industrial settings. With its signature cage and unique reversing motors, Elios 3 is the only drone in the market that can recover from flipping upside-down without crashing. The rugged IP-44 design allows for the inspection and mapping of harsh environments without concern for water splashes and dust.

For more information contact SSASS Holdings.

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