Mission-Critical Transponders for UAVs

XP Series

Mission Proven. DoD AIMS Certified, FCC Aproved

In service for over a decade, Sagetech’s XP Series of miniature transponders deliver unmatched reliability with advanced performance in one small high-powered package.


These transponders serve as essential UAV equipment on any program and ship from stock.

Select from military and civil versions, and fly safer with Sagetech.

1.5M+ Flight Hours

The XP Series has performed in combat ISR missions, in the harshest of environments, for more than a decade. Just ask Insitu, Textron, or any of Sagetech's other customers.

Excellent SWaP-C

Ultra-low size, weight, power and cost efficiencies improve your ROI.

Compliant Performance

Select the certification level you need, including DoD AIMS. All modules are designed to FAA TSO standards and federally approved.


Autopilot Integration? Check.

Sagetech seamlessly flies with the leading autopilots of the world.

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XPC Series
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XPS Series
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XPG Series

Additional Technical Information

UAV Transponders - Essential Technical C

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