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UAS Thermal Imaging and Sensor Solutions

With a wide selection of drone thermal imagers covering the entire range of performance and features, FLIR has an imaging solution for every mission profile and budget. 

The MUVE™ C360 multi-gas detector is purpose-built for UAS. These drone kits combine industry-leading FLIR thermal technology with the flight stability, gimbal technology, mobile app integration, and image transmission of the powerful DJI M200 V2, M210 V2, and M210RTK V2 to provide the ultimate solution for reliable, rapidly-deployable aerial thermal imaging.

The M210 V2 and M210RTK V2 kits let you deploy two imagers below the aircraft so you can fly thermal and visible cameras, or single upward-facing gimbal, and a MUVE C360 gas monitor at the same time.

Are you interested in a ready-to-fly-kit?

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