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uAvionix AV-20-S Approved as Clock Replacement

Bigfork, Montana – February 2, 2021 – uAvionix today announced that the AV-20-S multi-function display has been approved by the FAA as a clock replacement for Part 23, Class I and II Instrument Flight Rules (IFR) aircraft as outlined in Advisory Circular (AC) 20-94A and meeting the requirements of 14 CFR 91.205(d)(6). The AV-20-S Non-Required Safety Enhancing Equipment (NORSEE) certification has been updated to reflect the approval.

In addition to a clock replacement, the uAvionix AV-20-S adds a suite of in-flight information to nearly any panel. Designed to seamlessly fit in a standard 2 1/4” round instrument opening, the AV-20-S offers a Standby Attitude Indicator, Angle of Attack, Bus Voltage, Slip/Skid Indication, Outside Air Temperature, Density Altitude, G Meter, and more – all protected with a 30-minute internal battery backup for uninterrupted function in the event of power loss.

AV-20-S is in the family of uAvionix panel displays along-side the AV-30-C, the company’s 3 1/8” certified display, which is installable as a Primary Attitude Indicator or Directional Gyro. Both models are also compatible as a control head for uAvionix’s Mode S ADS-B Transponder, tailBeaconX. Together the uAvionix panel display models allow for better panel utilization, the removal of high-maintenance instruments, and upgrading failure-prone vacuum-driven instruments – all while maintaining the distinguished look of a classic panel and reducing installation costs by fitting round instruments in round openings.

AV-20-S Features and Functions

  • Digital Clock

  • Angle of Attack (AoA)

  • G- Meter

  • Attitude Indicator (AI)

  • Slip/Skid Indicator

  • Outside Air Temperature

  • Bus Voltage

  • Count Up/Count Down Timers

  • Engine Run Timer

  • Flight Timer

  • Density Altitude Display (OAT Required)

  • True Airspeed (OAT Required)

  • Customizable Audio Alerts

  • tailBeaconX Transponder Control (non-certified aircraft only)

The AV-20-S (NORSEE) multi-function display is available from SSASS Holdings for our African and Middle East clients.

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