Solar PV Plant Performance Monitoring

  • Aerial Inspections and Mapping

  • Thermal Data Acquisition

  • Detailed Analysis and Reporting

The                     Solution

The AirProbe aerial thermographic inspection forms an end-to-end solution in maximizing generation of Solar PV assets. The outcome of the inspection enables the site technicians to resolve inefficiencies impacting energy generation and as preventive maintenance for electrical and fire safety. Module/string level electrical characteristics (IV Tracing) or onsite Electroluminescense (EL) Testing is also offered on request.


Performance issues,

Due diligence, Annual O&M, Insurance and Warranty claims

Our pilots perform aerial thermographic 

inspections at site following IEC standards

Thermal data analysis is carried out by Solar PV experts

Performance report indicating classified fault locations

Field technicians  resolve the issues referring to AirProbe report

"Aerial Thermography for solar PV is not only about thermal scanning of the plant but also comprehensive field valildation and data analysis to pin point different types of faults and provide insights over condition of modules and BOS components"

- Dr. Gopal Krishnamurthy, PhD IISc 1975, Pioneer in Solar Wafer Tech, AirProbe Adviser

IEC Standard.png

AirProbe follows guidelines from IEC Standards for thermal imaging of Solar PV modules classifying 15 different module fault types along with recommendations on remedial actions to be taken.

On site meteorological data validation for planning the thermography scan

Customized flight operations to avoid false positives and improve data acquisition accuracy

Thermal data analysis performed by certified thermographers using AI based software

Inspection observations, recommendations and fault classifications provided by solar PV professionals


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