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Key Asset Management

  • Inspection (data acquisition)

  • Condition Assessment & Reporting

  • Remedial Quantification

  • Tender Process Management

  • Delivery & Project Management


SSASS  provides a full turnkey Service Solution incorporating building and key infrastructure inspections, utilising drones for aerial inspections and qualified personnel for ground and interior inspections. Our Services includes condition assessments, remedial technical specifications, from waterproofing & concrete failures to redecoration, tender process project management, ensuring that remedial & renovation projects are done according to specifications, within budget and on time.

Our Services are aimed at the construction and decoration industries, providing thrid party quality assurance to new construction projects, dilapidation surveys, construction monitoring services, fault analysis and maintenance budgets. This makes us uniquely suitable to provide tailor made and accurate building maintenance action plans and budgets, advising clients on preventative maintenance strategies to ensure long-term cost savings and asset value retention. 

What makes us unique?

We are planners, project managers, structural engineers, architects, quantity surveyors, drone pilots and accountants - a Team to provide the best innovation solutions to the built-environment. We make use of our own CMMS (Computer Maintenance Management System), providing a unique solution to each of our clients.


We strive for excellent client-service comnibed with technical construction expertise and technological innovation, thus ensuring the best asset maintenance.


technical expertise

with technological innovation

Our Services

Aerial Surveys & Thermal Imaging

Building Condition Audits

3rd Party Quality Assurance


Technical & Remedial Specifications

Non-biased Tender Processes


Project Management


Maintenance Action Plans & Budgets

Construction Monitoring

Fault Analysis


Dilapidation Surveys

Solar PV Plant Surveys


Map, measure, and document the progress of your construction site

How we do it

A comprehensive building/complex audit


Determine major capital elements and the conditions thereof. (No building is the same, all are unique)


A bill of quantities for remedial and maintenance purposes

A budget

A map

Maintenance action plan,

the complete plan

Solar PV Plant Performance Monitoring

  • Aerial Inspections and Mapping

  • Thermal Data Acquisition

  • Detailed Analysis and Reporting



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Key Asset Management Services"

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