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UAS Transponder Requirements And Guidelines

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

”Does my UAV need a transponder?”

This is the #1 question we are asked by our customers and contacts. To help answer this question and help you decide on a course of action, we’ve put together a definitive resource guide: “UAS Transponder Requirements and Guidelines.”

Today the UAV transponder requirements and standards are emerging. Right now, there is no single chart from any global agency that sums up the requirements for transponders on unmanned aircraft of all types, for all classes of airspace, in all geographies.  

Therefore, this guide brings together the current knowledge from the U.S. DoD, the U.S. FAA, recent conferences, and other resources all in one place. Use this as a reference as you create new unmanned aerial systems and vehicles. Consider the guidance, do your research, and make your own decisions based on your own UAS requirements.

When deciding on transponder use, use this guide to understand:

  • Parameters for determining transponder requirements - size, weight, flight plan, etc.

  • Classifications of UAV groups, airspace rules, and other important regulatory information

  • FAA waivers and safety justifications

  • Transponder functionality, technologies, and modes

  • A look ahead to future requirements for remote ID and urban air mobility

Simply click to view the .pdf in full - there are no requirements from you. We consider education like this just part of our mission to help your systems fly safer with Sagetech.

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